KCT-808 8-axes CNC High Speed Spring Coiling Machine

Brief Description

808 8-axis CNC High-speed Spring Coiling Machine is composed by 8 Japan Yaskawa motor and TaiWan control system, each axis can work independently and synchronously. Our design team made a lot of improvement and innovation with more function and higher automation degree. This up-dated machine can form the spring within one minute, which owns the features of easy to operate, high precision and low noise. It can save much testing spring time and the cost of the raw material. This machine also has the function of straight cutting, subtend cutting and Rotary cutting.

This machine can be adopted the Camera Spring Length Gauge replacing the traditional length gauge, which can measure the spring length as well as the spring diameter.

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Axis count 8 axis
Wire size range 0.15-1.0mm
Max outside diameter 25mm
Max feeding speed 300m/min
Spring index 3
Feeding wheel pairs 1 pairs
Feeding motor 1.8kw
Up&down cutter motor 0.75kw *2
Cam motor 0.4kw*2
Pitch motor 0.75 kw
Mandrel moving up-down motor  0.75kw
Mandrel Return Motor 0.4 kw
Dimension 950*1150*1700mm
Weight 600 kg
Power 3-380VAC