KCT-35W 3-4 axis CNC Versatile Spring Coiling Machine

Brief Description

35W 4 Axis CNC Versatile Spring Rotating Forming Machine adopts TaiWan CNC control system and Japan Sanyo/Yaskawa Servo Motors to control the feeding system and Cam system synchronously. It has total axis, the Cam axis, Feeding axis, Quill Rotary axis, and the Spinner axis (optional). This machine is suitable for making various Compression spring, Extension spring, Single (double) torsion spring, Tower shaped compression spring, Flat wire spring, and any kind wire forming.

Because this machine adopts the high accurate servo motor and CNC control system, it can produce the accurate size and complex spring if adds the Spinner axis,

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Axis count 3/4 axis
Wire size range 1.2-4.0mm
Max outside diameter 65mm
Max. feeding length Unlimited
Max feeding speed 110m/min
Cam setting Value ±0.1°~±359.9°
Max. Production rate 60pcs/min
Wire Feeding servo motor 5.5 KW
Cam Servo motor 4.5 KW
Quill servo motor 1.0KW
Dimension (L x W x H) 1000*1300*1900mm
Weight 1800 kg
Power 3-380VAC